About Us

Wuw Wuw was born out of what we consider to be a broken system when it comes to reservations and appointments.

The problem A broken system

At Wuw Wuw, we believe that getting a great reservation comes with too much baggage.

In addition to making you book reservations or appointments weeks in advance, many businesses also require that you pay a deposit and will charge you for any cancellations.

But the reality is that life moves fast and plans change. Most of us can’t commit that early, which limits access to our favorite spots.

In addition, those who do commit run the risk of falling into cancellation windows with the prospect of losing money — we know this is true because requests for refunds and cancellations are at the highest levels they’ve been since the onset of the pandemic.

At the same time, more people than ever are no-showing or canceling their bookings at the last minute, resulting in revenue implications on the business side of things.

That’s why we created Wuw Wuw. To fix these problems for both buyers and for businesses.

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The solution Helping every party involved

  • Buyers: No more missing out

    We help those who can’t book reservations or appointments in advance get what they want, when they want it.

  • Listers: No more lost deposits

    We help people recoup the money they’ve deposited with a business by posting a listing on our platform.

  • Businesses: No more no-shows

    We eliminate no-shows by providing a place for people to list the reservations or appointments they can’t make or don’t want.

  • Businesses: No more last-minute cancellations

    We let people offload last-minute reservations or appointments to those who want access in our community.

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