Everything you need to know about the app.

  • Why “Wuw Wuw”

    Wuw Wuw is an acronym for “what u want, when u want” This name represents our goal to increase the accessibility of in demand reservations and appointments, while also reducing the number of no-shows and cancellations for businesses.

  • How do I sign up?

    You can sign up for Wuw Wuw by downloading our app, which is available on the Apple Store and the Google Play app store. Once you’ve created an account, you can start buying and listing reservations or appointments right away!

  • What types of reservations or appointments can I list?

    Our current focus is on restaurant reservations, but we’re in the process of beta testing other categories as well.

  • How does Wuw Wuw prevent fraud?

    The Wuw Wuw team monitors listings as they’re posted. That means we ask listers to upload a screenshot of their reservation or appointment confirmation to ensure legitimacy.

  • Does Wuw Wuw charge any fees?

    Wuw Wuw does charge minimal fees in order to fund the maintenance and improvement of our marketplace.

    Buyers are charged a $1.50 processing fee to transfer bookings that have been made for free.

    For purchases that are pre-paid, have a deposit attached to them, or fall within a cancellation window, there is an additional 10% processing fee for both the buyer and lister with a minimum processing fee of $1.50.

  • How do businesses know when the reservation or appointment has changed hands?

    All listers are responsible for officially transferring their reservations or appointments to buyers via the platform on which their booking was originally made.

    If this is not possible, we ask that listers call the business and make them aware of the transfer.

    Listers can also request that Wuw Wuw handle their notification of transfer. However, we cannot guarantee requests will be fulfilled based on the availability of our team.

  • I’m a business suffering from no-shows and cancellations. Can I employ Wuw Wuw to help?

    Currently we are in the process of developing features that will help businesses like yours avoid no-shows or cancellations. But in the meantime, feel free to contact our team directly to discuss how you can direct your customers to Wuw Wuw and reduce the negative impacts of the current system on your business.

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